The trees of Kraków

Tall and strong are the trees of Kraków. 
They stand before the people
to rule in silence.

And the wind whispers through their leaves. 
The wind is their voice. 
And the water flows through their hardened roots. 
The water is their eyes, 
to see what the light reflects in her. 
And the fire burns their branches. 
The fire spreads their rage, 
when the people tend to forget. 

So are the trees of Kraków kings over the people. 
The earth feeds them,
so are they grateful, too. 
For the trees once ate people, 
Had eyes to see, mouths to voice, 
and arms to carry their vengeance. 

Whatever happened long ago
to the trees of Kraków
it is long gone and in the past. 

With pride they rule, 
With the wind they speak. 
With the water they see, 
With the fire they burn. 

And in owe stand the people
before the trees of Kraków, 
their almighty, rightful masters, 
who will forever crush and protect
those who stand before them.   

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